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Meeting Schedule - 2020/2021

The dates for the 2020 - 2021 academic year conferences appear below.  Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we anticipate that all of the meetings for the remainder of 2020 will be online. Once we have better indications of the public health situation going forward, we will make announcements concerning the conferences set for the spring of 2021.

Specific information concerning registration for the web-based meetings will appear on the meeting webpage for that particular conference.  

Exhibitors -- Companies interested in exhibiting at the CDS monthly conference -- check here for additional information.  At the present time, we are attempting to devise some sort of "virtual exhibit hall" for companies that are interested in sponsoring our virtual meetings.  Please standby for details.

Members may view recordings of the completed online meetings.  Log-in is required -- CLICK HERE 

CLICK HERE to view dates for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Meeting Host Institution/Guest Speaker Date Location
September 2020

Loyola University 

Shlomo Koyfman, MD; Cleveland Clinic
Meeting Details Here 

9/9/2020 Online
October 2020

University of Illinois at Chicago 

Sewon Kang, MD; Noxell Professor & Chair, Department of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD
Meeting Details Here 


November 2020

Northwestern University 

Jean Bolognia, MD; Professor of Dermatology and Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs; Yale University School of Medicine; New Haven, CT
Meeting Details Here 

11/11/2020 Online
December 2020

University of Chicago 

Lindy P. Fox, MD; Professor of Dermatology; University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine; San Francisco, CA

12/2/2020 Online
February 2021 IDS Practice Management Conference TBD Online
April 2021

Stroger/Cook County Hospital

Raymond Barnhill, MD; Professor, Department of Translational Research, Institut Curie; Paris, France

Details Here 


May 2021

Rush University

John E. Harris, MD, PhD; Associate Professor of Dermatology and Chair, Department of Dermatology, University of Massachusetts; Worcester, MA

Details Here 

5/5/2021 Online
June 2021

President's Conference

CLICK HERE for complete details

6/2/2021 Online


Meeting Planning Resources for Residents -- CLICK HERE

Registration Procedures 

PLEASE NOTE!  For our online "virtual meetings" during the coronavirus pandemic, there will be a slightly different registration procedure.  Please follow the specific instructions you will find on each meeting's information page in order to sign up and to receive your link to attend the webinar presentation.

  • CDS members in good standing may use the automated online registration form set up for each meeting.  See the information below for the particular meeting or go to the meeting details webpage to complete your registration.
  • Residents and fellows at a Chicago area training program are automatically registered.  (SIU and UW residents must register for each meeting either individually or through your department.)
  • All guests must be registered.  CDS board policy states that all guests must be physicians, and that the guest may register for one meeting, after which they are expected to submit an application for membership.  The exception to this policy are research fellows who may be sponsored by one of the medical school dermatology departments; they still must pay the guest registration fee and sign-up for each meeting.
  • Medical students sponsored by a dermatology department may attend as a guest, but they must be registered in advance.  Sponsoring departments must use the online form posted on each meeting webpage.  Medical students sponsored by a non-academic member may come as a "paid" guest using the paper guest form.  To access the medical student registration form, CLICK HERE


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