CDS Zoom Meetings . . .
Closed Captioning

The Chicago Dermatological Society has added the option for attendees to utilize "live" closed capitioning during virtual conferences offered via Zoom.  When this feature is activated for a particular meeting, attendees will see an icon at the bottom of the Zoom screen.


The attendee can show or hide the captions.  When the host has activated live transcription, subtitles may appear automatically.  The attendee can hide these simply by clicking on the "CC" icon and clicking on the "Hide Subtitles" choice on the menu that is displayed...  or if the subtitles do not appear, the attendee can turn on this feature by clicking on the "Show Subtitles" menu item.  You also can view the entire transcript in a window on the side of the meeting screen by selecting "View Full Transcript."   The size of subtitles can be adjusted by clicking on the "Subtitle Settings" menu choice.

Questions?  Contact the CDS office for assistance...
P:  847-680-1666
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