Gleacher Center Parking


The University of Chicago's business school is based at the Gleacher Center, 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, a conference facility in downtown Chicago near Columbus and Illinois Street.  When CDS conferences take place at the Gleacher Center, there are a number of parking options available.  

Most of the public parking lots near the Gleacher Center have "early bird" discounts.  Arrive by 9 a.m. in most cases and save!  Given the realities of Chicago traffic and parking costs, we strongly encourage members to consider taking public transportation (Metra or the CTA).  However, if you do drive, following is some information about the Gleacher Center location and area parking options.

  • Gleacher Center Information
  • Parking lots in the immediate area . . .  Note - Some of these lots may fill up early in the day.
    Please be aware that the rates quoted below are estimates based on information we believe to be reliable.  The parking facilities may change their prices at any time, and CDS does not guarantee that the rates displayed here are completely accurate.
    • 240 E. Illinois St. ("Upper" Illinois St.) - Located just across from the Gleacher Center.  Enter from Cityfront Plaza.  This probably is one of the closest lots to the Glecher Center.
      • Regular rate (3-12 hrs) - $38
      • Early bird (in by 8:30 a.m.) - $15
    • Legacy Parking, 201 E. Illinois ("lower" Illinois at Columbus) - outside lot, just north of the NBC Tower
      • Regular rate (4 - 8 hrs) - $32
      • Early bird (in by 9 a.m.) - $19
    • Legacy Parking, NBC Tower garage (inside parking) - access garage entrance from lower Illinois and St. Clair;
      • Regular rate (6 - 12 hrs) - $33
      • Early bird (in by 9 a.m., out between 2 & 7 p.m.) - $14
    • Equitable Building, 401 N. Michigan Ave. (indoor garage) - there's an inside pedistrian walkway to the Gleacher Center
      •  Entrance is from lower North Water Street
    • 219 E. Water Street (access from lower Illinois and St. Clair)
      • Morning special rate available ($16)
  • Other Parking Services (online search)
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