Protocols of Cases of CDS Meetings

Cases presented at the CDS monthly conferences and some other meeting information are found in the meeting Protocols. In addition, we are now posting the Maintenance of Certification self-assessment questions presented during CDS clinical conferences.  The MOC questions are presented for members educational value.  In order to get credit for these questions, members must be present at the meeting where they are presented.

The links below will take you to a PDF file which you can view online or save to your computer. 

This information is for the exclusive use of Chicago Dermatological Society members in conjunction with the Society's educational programs.  It is the policy of the CDS to safeguard the privacy of all patients presented in these cases, including all applicable HIPAA regulations.

PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  We encourage you to always keep your software up to date.    Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free; click here.

2021-2022 Meetings 

Loyola University, September 2021
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2021
Northwestern University, November 2021
    Protocols of Cases
    Pathology Slides
    Case Review Questions
University of Chicago, December 2021
    Protocols of Cases
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2022
Rush University, May 20

 2022-2023 Meetings

Loyola University, September 2022
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 12 2022
Northwestern University, November 9,2022
University of Chicago, December 14, 2022
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 12, 2023

2020-2021 Meetings 

Loyola University, September 2020
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2020
Northwestern University, November 2020
    Protocols of Cases
    Pathology Slides -- PDF    PowerPoint Show
University of Chicago, December 2020
    Protocols of Cases
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2021
    Protocols of Cases
Rush University, May 2021
New!    Protocols of Cases
    Unknown Case (posted after the meeting)

 2019-2020 Meetings 

Loyola University, September 2019
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2019
Northwestern University, November 2019
University of Chicago, December 2019
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2020
Rush University, May 2020

2018-2019 Meetings

Loyola University, September 2018
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2018
Northwestern University, November 2018
University of Chicago, December 2018
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2019
     Unknown Cases from April 2019
Rush University, May 2019

 2017-2018 Meetings

Loyola University, September 2017
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2017
Northwestern University, November 2017
University of Chicago, December 2017
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2018
     Unknown Cases (3 & 7)
Rush University, May 2018

2016-2017 Meetings

Loyola University, September 2016
    MOC Questions - September 2016
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2016
    MOC Questions - October 2016
 Northwestern University, November 2016
    MOC Questions - November 2016
University of Chicago, December 2016
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2017
Rush University, May 2017

 2015-2016 Meetings

University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2015
    MOC Self-Assessment Questions - October 2015 
Northwestern University, November 2015
    MOC Self-Assessment Questions - November 2015
University of Chicago, December 2015
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2016
    Stroger - Unknown cases, April 2016
    MOC Self-Assessment Questions - April 2016
Rush University, May 2016
    MOC Self-Assessment Questions - May 2016
    Callen - Malkinson Lecture
    Callen - Residents Lecture
Loyola University, June 2016

2014-2015 Meetings
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2014
Northwestern University, November 2014
University of Chicago, December 2014
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2015
        Stroger - Unknown cases, April 2015
Rush University, May 2015
        MOC Self-Assessment questions, May 2015
Loyola University, June 2015
        MOC Self-Assessment questions, June 2015

2013-2014 Meetings
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2013
Northwestern University, November 2013
University of Chicago, December 2013
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2014
Rush University, May 2014
Loyola University, June 2014

2012-2013 Meetings
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2012
Northwestern University, November 2012
University of Chicago, December 2012
Presidents Conference, February 2013
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2013
   Unknown cases:  Case 5     Case 7
Rush University, May 2013
Loyola University, June 2013
2011-2012 Meetings
Northwestern University, September 2011
University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2011
University of Chicago, November 2011
Presidents Conference, February 2012
Stroger/Cook County Hospital, April 2012
Rush University, May 2012
Loyola University, June 2012
2010-2011 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2010
University of Chicago, November 2010
University of Illinois at Chicago, December 2010
Coding Seminar Handouts - January 2011
Stroger Cook County Hospital, March 2011
  -- Stroger - Unknown cases, March 2011
Rush University, May 2011
Loyola University, June 2011
2009-2010 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2009
University of Chicago, November 2009
University of Illinois at Chicago, December 2009
Stroger Cook County Hospital, February 2010
Rush University, May 2010
Loyola University, June 2010
2008-2009 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2008
University of Chicago, November 2008
University of Illinois at Chicago, December 2008
Stroger Cook County Hospital, March 2009
Hyatt Lodge-Oak Brook, April 2009
Rush University, May 2009
Loyola University, June 2009
2007-2008 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2007
University of Chicago, November 2007
University of Illinois, December 2007
Rush University Medical Center, May 2008
Loyola University Medical Center, June 2008
2006-2007 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2006
University of Chicago, November 2006
University of Illinois, December 2006 -- currently unavailable
Cook County Hospital, March 2007
2005-2006 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2005 -- currently unavailable
University of Chicago, November 2005
Cook County Hospital, March 2006
Rush University Medical Center, May 2006
2004-2005 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2004
University of Chicago, November 2004
University of Illinois, December 2004
Cook County Hospital, March 2005
Rush University Medical Center, May 2005
2003-2004 Meetings
Northwestern University, October 2003
University of Chicago, November 2003
University of Illinois, December 2003
Cook County Hospital, March 2004
Rush University Medical Center, May 2004


New! -- Compilation of All Cases 

Many CDS members (including former residents) have requested a way to search previous cases presented at our conferences.  Toward that end, we are working to create a file that will have all of the cases that will be available on this page.  PDF files can be downloaded and searched for any text.  So for example, you would be able to find all of the cases for a particular disease or a particular presenter.  We hope you will find this new function to be beneficial!  Click on the All Cases link below to access this document.  For starters, it will include only the cases for the 2016-2017 conferences (updated for each meeting).  We are working to add cases from subsequent years, and then previous meetings as we are able.

All Cases -- 2016/17 cases (Updated December 2016)

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