CDS Research Grant Program


The Chicago Dermatological Society is pleased to offer research grants to young investigators and CDS members in support of clinical or laboratory research in field of dermatology.  Grants typically are for a one-year period in amounts up to $7,000.  In special circumstances, the CDS Scientific Committee will consider awards in higher amounts for unique projects with exceptional merit. 

CDS members, residents and fellows in training, and medical students (sponsored by a member of the CDS) are encouraged to submit well-conceived research proposals oriented to a dermatological topic involving clinical research or laboratory projects.  Please review carefully the timetable, application procedures and program requirements presented below before proceeding with an application.


The CDS Scientific Committee will consider applications in two cycles each year:

  • Fall 2020 Cycle -- Complete applications received no later than August 10, 2020, for awards to be announced at the September 2020 CDS meeting.  Final report on the project will be due in November the following year.
  • Spring 2021 Cycle -- Complete applications received no later than April 5, 2021, for awards to be announced at the May 2021 CDS meeting.  Final report on the project will be due in June the following year.

Application Procedures

Please submit the following documents:

  • A completed application form using the "fillable" PDF version - CLICK HERE to download 
  • A brief biographical sketch (NIH biosketch format preferred) of the Principal Investigator and any co-investigators.  Include a list of published papers most relevant to the proposal. Limit to 2 pages.
  • Letter of support -- Residents, fellows, medical students and non-Society members must submit a supporting letter from the applicant's sponsor (CDS member).
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.  Any applications which are related to research on human subjects, infectious agents, recombinant DNA, etc., that requires institutional protocol review and approval must be accompanied by a copy of the research approval letter.
  • Proposal -- Suggested format:
    • A.  Layman's statement.  Not to exceed 275 words.  A brief paragraph that describes your research proposal in layman's (non-scientific) terms.  This paragraph will be used primarily for announcements and award presentation purposes
    • B.  Specific Aims.  Not to exceed one page.
      • What is the problem you are interested in exploring and why is it important to dermatology?
      • What do you intend to accomplish?
      • What hypothesis is being tested?
    • C.  Background and significance.  Not to exceed one page.
      • This section should be a succinct summary of background information pertinent to the project.  Explain what contributions your investigation may make.
    • D.  Preliminary Studies/Data
      • What has been done in this area of research by the applicant?
    • E.  Research Design/Methods
      • How are you going to accomplish the research?  Describe in detail the experimental design, procedures, evaluation/measures, and data analysis.
    • F.  References
    • G.  Appendix.  Limited to two pages.
      • Previously published materials may be included in this section, and tables that interfere with the overall flow of the proposal may be placed here.  The Appendix is not to be used to circumvent the page limitations of the proposal.
    • H.  Budget
      • Note:  CDS grants may not be used to include indirect costs, travel, or investigator salaries.

The sections C -- E listed above should not exceed 5 pages total.  Please make every effort to be succinct, and provide sufficient detail for adequate review by the CDS Scientific Committee.  Volume will not help your cause!

Submit your final, completed application and supporting materials no later than 5 p.m. on the deadline date.  Late applications will not be considered.  Electronic format is greatly preferred.

  • Electronic submissions -- Send in a single PDF file
    • By email:  [email protected]   Be sure to identify the principal investor in the email cover message.
    • If your file is too large for an email, upload to our Hightail system.  DO NOT use Dropbox, Google Drive or any other file transfer system.
      • Hightail upload link:
  • Paper submissions -- Send ONE copy of the application form and attachments to:
         Chicago Dermatological Society
         Attn:  Scientific Committee
         10 W. Phillip Rd., Suite 120
         Vernon Hill, IL  60061-1730


The Chicago Dermatological Society Scientific Committee will review all grant applications and make a recommendation to the CDS governing board, the Plans & Policies Committee, for final approval.  All research must be conducted in the United States. Grants are open to:

  • Regular members of the Chicago Dermatological Society
  • Dermatology Residents in Training
  • Dermatology Fellows
  • Ph.D. whose major appointment is in academic dermatology
  • Medical students working under the direct supervision and in collaboration with a CDS member

Grants are preferentially awarded to dermatologists who have not received significant extramural funding.  Residents and Fellows with little-to-no research experience are expected to apply under the sponsorship of a member who will provide research mentorship.

Research proposals will be evaluated and scored based on: quality of written application; likelihood of success; relevance in dermatology; and economics (cost of project against potential gain).

Post-grant Reports and Expectations

Final Report -- Recipients of CDS research grants are required to submit a report by the announced date a year following the award.  Typically, recipients are expected to submit their reports according to this schedule, and to present a summary of their research at the relevant CDS Conference the year following the award.  We will provide grant recipients additional information concerning the format and timing of reporting.

Financial accounting -- In addition to the research findings, grant recipients are required to submit a summary of how the grant funds were utilized, including disclosure of any funds remaining.  Note -- Unused funds must be returned to CDS.

Variations or Exceptions -- If unexpected changes are required which represent a significant departure from your application, the grant recipient must communicate with the CDS Scientific Committee before proceeding.  Likewise, if additional time is needed, we ask that you contact CDS as soon as you realize an extension may be necessary.

Publications -- We certainly hope that your research will result in appropriate recognition for your efforts through publication of your project in an appropriate journal.  Of course, we expect that you will provide proper credit for the funding provided by CDS.  In any event, CDS reserves the right to publish a summary of your results on our website.


Contact the Chicago Dermatological Society --
     Phone:  847-680-1666
     Email:   [email protected]
     CDS executive director -- Richard Paul
     CDS Scientific Committee Chair -- Claudia Hernandez, MD


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